It was my arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the arena, that brought on this firestorm of retribution. That sent the whole country of Panem into chaos.


people who survive the summer with long hair are surviving the apocalypse 

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ever just film yourself singing along w/ songs for like half an hour


"we survived 5 days of sailing with our parents" pic feat. solongponds

help my friend’s family get back on their feet!



my friend mary asked me to write this as she is moving right now, would have trouble writing this on her phone and has very little data left.

,my dear friend mary's family has fallen on hard times.

her mother was unexpectedly fired from her old job and the fallout from that was so bad that they decided to move, only for the new job they were positive she was going to be hired for suddenly drop her and mary’s family is pretty sure that blackmailing from the old job was involved. -and with only her father’s last paycheck supporting them they are $200USD short for a lease on the house they’re moving into as well as needing some buffer money for food for the next little while. 

her family consists of herself (a mentally and physically ill queer girl) and her physically disabled siblings and it’s very difficult for any of them to help out. her parents are both really wonderful people who’ve done their best to support them, but right now they need a little help to get this lease signed! 

if you can send to donations to mary’s paypal at of any amount her family and i would really appreciate it! mary has offered drawings, thank you letters and would be willing to take commissions once they’re settled in their new house! i’m not a very good artist, but i’d be happy to write you something for a donation too!. 

mary is keeping me updated on the situation, so if you have any questions please direct them my way. if you want to talk to her directly about anything please be gentle with your wording as she’s quite stressed right now and i wouldn’t want to compromise her mental health further. 

if you can’t donate, signal boosting this would be really appreciated! 

hello!!! this is like the Full Situation that im goin through right now. they accepted the money we had for the lease, so we have all our stuff in the house and all, and we have a nominal amount of food. however, my dad is going to have to stay with a friend two hours away from here so he can continue working and supporting us at his old job until he and my mom get new ones up here. needless to say, this is fairly stressful for my family and it would be really awesome of you to help out even a bit.

another way you can help is by signing up to featurepoints with my code, R73CXT. it’s an app where you earn points by downloading free apps, mesing witht hem for like a minute, and then deleting them, and the rewards are paypal money, gift cards and other stuff. if you have any questions or would like to talk to me, i am feeling okay right now! i will reblog this periodically throughout the next few days or until we get back in business. i can start taking orders for commissions now and i’ll write up a post about that tomorrow. thank you all so much!!!